Math Literacy in English Across Disciplines (MathLEAD)

Math Literacy in English Across Disciplines: Professional Enhancement for teachers and school professionals.

Findings from studies conducted by practicing educators guided by Neag Faculty (Rojas, PI and Reyes, Co-PI) funded by the U.S. Department of Education for professional development and enhancement support integrating math vocabulary across disciplines.  Research conducted by practitioners reinforces the importance of creating access to high level math classes for ALL students (Rojas 2010).

Group of professionals in a meeting

Rojas, E. (2010) “Using Mathematics as an equalizer for gifted Latino/a adolescent learners. In J. A. Castellanos and A. D. Frazier (Eds.) Special Populations in Gifted Education (pp. 353-382). Waco, TX: Pufrock.