Ph.D. Programs

Doctoral Program in Education – Curriculum and Instruction

The Ph.D. is the highest degree offered by the University. The program leading to it is intended to give persons of outstanding ability the opportunity to become creative contributors in a scholarly field. Award of the degree testifies to broad mastery of an established subject area, acquisition of acceptable research skills, and a concentration of knowledge in a specific field.

While certain minimum requirements are set by the Graduate School, it is important for students to realize that work toward this degree is not merely a matter of accumulating course credits or satisfying other requirements. The degree will be conferred only after the Advisory Committee and the Graduate faculty are convinced that the student has developed independence of judgment and mature scholarship in the chosen field. Excerpted from: Bulletin of the Graduate School, page 22

Within the curriculum and instruction field of study, students may concentrate with areas of emphasis being any of the following:

  • Bilingual and Bicultural Education
  • Elementary Education
  • English Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Reading Education
  • Science Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Social Studies/History Education
  • World Language Education


Admissions Deadline:

  • DECEMBER¬†1st — Fall admission

How to apply to a Ph.D. program

Download the Curriculum and Instruction Ph.D. Handbook (.pdf)