Research on Supporting Teachers

Supporting the Development of High Quality Secondary Mathematics and Science Teachers and Teacher Leaders is a project supported by the Knowles Foundation for Science Teaching (KSTF), which funds fellowships for beginning teachers to enhance their leadership and teaching skills.  KSTF – an organization committed to the preparation and on-going support of high quality science and mathematics teachers and teacher leaders – is also committed to conducting rigorous, mixed methods research that assesses the effects of its programs on participants, ranging from effects of individual teachers’ knowledge to effects on a national network of science and mathematics teachers who are leading the profession. The project is a collaboration between Suzanne Wilson and a team of research assistants at the University of Connecticut and Jodie Galosy, Director of Research, at the Knowles Foundation. Our goal is to describe and explain the effects of the Knowles’ fellowship program through documenting their participation in Foundation-related activities and their experiences in the classrooms, schools, and districts in which they work. For the next three years, we will be interviewing, observing, and surveying teachers, principals, and program staff in an effort to document the ways in which fellows and their peers who do not have access to KSTF resources find ways to grow and develop as teachers, as well as documenting how their middle and high school students engage in science and mathematics in meaningful ways.