Research Units

New Literacies Research Laboratory

The New Literacies Research Lab at the University of Connecticut is the most widely recognized center in the world for conducting research on the new reading comprehension and learning skills required by the Internet and other emerging information and communication technologies. Their work develops research-based evidence to prepare students for their literacy and learning future. Their research answers the questions:  What are the new skills, strategies, and dispositions required for successful reading comprehension and learning on the Internet? and How can we most effectively prepare our youth for these new literacies?



Reading/Language Arts Center

The Reading-Language Arts Center serves as a coordinating agency for the improvement of literacy instruction and literacy teacher education from the undergraduate through the doctoral levels. The center’s faculty provides graduate programs and courses within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction that offer concentrations in reading and language arts, including programs that lead to state certifications. It is the intent of the Reading-Language Arts Center faculty to develop professionals with leadership potential who are prepared to improve reading and language arts instruction in Connecticut’s schools.